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We have our first project!

After several considerations, my brother and I have nailed down what our first project as Errant Code will be! We're already into pre-production on an adaptation of the short story "The Odd Passage". So the big question is: can a few people with relatively limited resources and experience, turn a bizarre, abstract, two-page fantasy short story into a quality CGI short film? That, I suppose, is what we're going to find out!

The full short story can be read here.

While we work on prop and set building, we're also hashing out the storyboards for the whole thing. Those in turn will be used to generate low-poly animatics to set the pacing and camera placement for the entire production.

I thought it would be interesting (and possibly helpful) to make this production process public, as we're learning everything as we go along. I'm not posting everything, but I'll try to update with developments as they happen.

We hope you'll join us on this strange little journey!